Submission of Papers

Preparation of Submission Form and Extended Abstract

Submission of papers must be done by the speaker!!

Submission Form can be obtained below. It should be filled up before the submission.

Submission Form (Microsoft Excel)

The Extended Abstract (A4, 2 pages with tables and figures) has to contain important results obtained in the study. It will be published as it is after the acceptance of the paper. The Extended Abstract should be prepared according to the instruction shown in the template obtained below. Only pdf file will be acceptable.

Format of Extended Abstract (Microsoft Word)

The above two files (Submission From and Extended Abstract) should be sent by e-mail as attached files. The title of e-mail and the file names are specified below. E-mails with different titles may be removed as spam-mails.

Contents Specification
E-mail title FMA39_SubmissionEng_First name_Last name
File name of Submission Form FMA39_SubmissionEng_First name_Last name.xls
File name of Extended Abstract FMA39_SubmissionEng_First name_Last name.pdf

Please change the "First name" and the "Last name" to those of the speaker. The above files should be sent the FMA office:


Decision of Acceptance

Papers submitted to the FMA will be filtered if the number of papers exceeds the limit of the meeting schedule. The guideline of the filtering is as follows:

  1. Priority will be given to papers from different research groups.
  2. As a basic rule of FMA, one speaker gives one presentation.
  3. Priority will be given to papers from industry.
  4. Priority will be given to papers which will be submitted to JJAP special issue.
  5. Other papers will be filtered according to the level of research read in the Extended Abstract.

The acceptance of the paper will be informed before the end of March with the recommendation to submit the paper to the JJAP special issue.